Hello November!

November’s almost over. I’m savoring last few days of staying home and doing nothing. “Nothing” is an under statement.

After my resignation, I stayed home for a while. I tried doing our laundry for a while. I realize I’m not good with that. I’m hoping to fix the cabinet and window fixture (buy new blinds) before starting on my new job this coming Monday. Madaming kaylangan ayusin sa bahay pero ngayon ko lang nakikita. Staying home, makes me want to create a better “home”.

November made me realize, I have “home projects”. My husband and I hope to accomplish these list before 2011. Wow, 2010’s almost over.

I’m also researching environment friendly soap, shampoo and home cleaners, so far there’s a lot of online store you can buy these things. I’m excited for the delivery. One more week of  home improvement, I hope the electrician can drop by this Tuesday to fix some wiring.

I’ve always enjoyed doing grocery or cooking. Now I’m beginning to appreciate decorating and improving the house. This Christmas, decorations are up since October :D. We have our first christmas tree this year.

November pass quickly. Surprisingly, lack of eight hour a day of internet made me productive elsewhere. I also realize being a full time wife is not easy, if you choose to see home improvements and help your husband brainstorm ideas for tomorrow’s work. I also realize wives are a suitable helper to their husband. I love devoting undivided time helping Jerry for the past one month and a half. I also enjoy taking care of him and accompanying him to the dentist. I saw my husband sit on the dentist chair like  a kiddo.

November’s a breather. I enjoyed it very much, oh and by the way I have a new appreciation for Mac. Thank you honey for letting me use this laptop. I’m challenged by December (hope to post on my first day wink*).