Super Power On!

Yeah, I’ve never felt so tired.. whew!  I felt this way back in college having school and youth camps all the same time. I can’t imagine how I cope up with the pressure.

Lately at Victory Pioneer Boot Camp last May 24-26 my “reserve battery” got tested. There’s  a few things and phrases that become a reality for me.

G-Armor Armed and Ready! May 24-26, 2010: Rizal Re-Creation Center

1. Prayer works.

Prayer works a 100%, our Day 1 started  and we face a handful of challenges. We have two choices to start the next day with some regrets (light didn’t work, stuff din’t work out as we planned) or hope and pray  for a better day. We prayed and it worked. The following days gets better and bigger (more fun and more of God’s presence – He never fails).

Super Power On! – Prayer

2. You can’t do everything – YOU need a TEAM.

This camp I saw team work come to play, everyone giving their best. The teachers tirelessly giving their self and the kids – having fun – wow dami energy.

3. You can learn anything, we can’t say it can’t be done, especially with a TEAM.

I’m glad I had a privilege to work with these people, to serve, to worship and pray with them. I can say I have come to know them a little bit more than casual “hi” and “hello”.

5.  Nothing is impossible, whatever it takes!

Lastly, I can say it’s worth it. Seeing young generation experience God and worship makes these 3 day camp worth it.

NOW, I’m back in my desk “tapping away” codes – that will be websites in a few days. I’m excited.. something in me was renewed (or awakened).  You think you can do it, alone, nah… work at it with all your heart and pray with all your heart. Glad I’m with a TEAM always – I miss the office …glad I’m back. (cheeezzzzy)