Remembering who I am

I can’t sleep so I opt to review my past blog site on Xanga.

I remember how fun it is to be in college andwriting some of my thoughts/questions. While reading my concerns (I’m around 21-22 during this time), feels like looking at the mirror. I was able to document my growing feeling or shall I say anxiety on Jerry’s affection to me. Wahahaha! eh ngayon husband ko na sya.

My Xanga post usually talks about him, my blog since April 23, 2005: Bus Rides indeed changed my life.
*I’ll write a whole blog on this someday. ๐Ÿ˜€

I hope to move my Xanga entries here soon, as well as my multiply entries.


I’m dreaming of white sand and seafood

Monday’s a big day for us, EN2010 local delegate registration na sa Monday. I have my blue “Come Together T-shirt” and hopefully all needed login to watch our server :D. Yup, in real life I’m a nerd (or computer geek).

It’s a big day and I hope I win a big DQ ice cream ๐Ÿ˜‰ — buy guessing a number in our report.

There’s one thing that I can’t take out of my “dreamy” mind, instead of thinking about Monday, I’m thinking much about Friday. Our Friday – Monday trip to Boracay that same week (March 5-8), we’re attending a wedding – Maya and Lesly’s so we opt to have our vacation on these dates as well. It’s a peak season but better enjoy the stay if we’re attending so we move our original November 2009 planย  going to Boracay to March 2010. Hay… me and my husband make a pack — we will take a vacation and go back refreshed.. hay sarap umupo sa tapat ng beach at magmunimuni.

Hay yay yay! 4 days to go! Andito na ko. Credit: photo by

I’m excited for later, Jerry will buy some swimwear and dress for me :D. Tapos na sya mag shop 2 days ago hehehe – his beach chick – men’s. I like shopping clothes with and for him. This is our first planned vacation and another memory to treasure.

We’re taking a plane – Cebu Pacific

Staying at – Milflores de Boracay base on reviews from TripodAdvisor. ๐Ÿ˜€

Blue, orange, red and black

Blue, orange, red and blackย  – colors of the sky depending on what time of the day it is.

I like looking at the sky it gives a sense of calmness and broaden my horizon. It makes me feel small in a good way, I don’t have to carry the whole world on my shoulders.

During college days I like it when the day hits 4PM, the sky’s blue and clear. I sit down on the field and rest. Today, I like when I go out or look at the window and see a clear sky.

Some photos ofย  clouds/sky using PL55:

Open parking lot - Jerry waiting for a cab

Inspired by Sarah’s picture

View from my office 4th floor Lobby -- ahh ๐Ÿ˜€

Today, I’m going out and the sky’s dark but I think this time it’s worth it. A tap on my keyboard, glance at the monitor or decission’s clarified and made does change lives in this field of work. Tomorrow, I hope to see the sunset again.

Simple things in life that makes me smile

at church

attend church at Victory Pioneer

Yesterday’s my birthday and my day started early :D. Yup! I’m born at heart’s day February 14th. I’m prematurely born and my mom endure long hours of labor and an operation. I stayed one week inside an incubator (according to them).

Feb 14 start early, I woke up 7AM to cook breakfast for my hubby by 8:30AM, I’m on my out to church. I meet up with my parents(Ruben and Linda) because we’re going to church together. We we’re inspired by Ptr. Robert’s message, he preached with truth mix with humor, message goes straigh to your heart. After the service we ate lunch and have good old kwentuhan.I’m glad their my parents — different but together and happy for almost 27th years.

After this, I went to Market Market to do grocery and pay bills. It’s my first to do grocery on my own — yup! Just now! My husband’s always with me but it’s Sunday today so I opt to do it on my own (Weekend’s is Jerry’s working day).

Nanay and Tatay with Jerry (with sticker tag)

Nanay and Tatay with me

Dinner time! A time with my hubby, just had chicken and spaghetti plus a good amount of pistachio + cashew ice cream.

In 10 minutes ubos ang food

In 15 minutes or less ubos ang food (sa tinging ko). Irish and Danny coming...

Yummy food @ Mann Hann!

Yummy food @ Mann Hann!

Today – Feb 15th, my officemate’s treat me to a hearty lunch at Mann Hann. I had DQ mud pie ice cream for dessert. Simple things in life will make you happy like spending time with your family and friends. A happy birthday to me. Thank you everyone! ๐Ÿ˜€

Minerals on the Go!!!

Recently, I subscribe for an Ellana Mineral cosmetic sample. Actually my request dated last May 2009 ๐Ÿ˜€ – I forgot to pay a minimal fee for shipping Php 50.00.

My friend/colleague(naks!) Ana and I chat about putting make-up etc. and then!(*thing) — I remember my request. I scan through my reliable Gmail and found my request. I emailed back to Coney (the person who respond to my request) asking if my subscription’s still active. Their nice enough to say yes.ย  After paying minimal fee (cheap! mahal pa ang starbucks coffee or isang chicken joy :D) and waiting for 3 days – bank deposit, delivery.. here’s the Ellana mineral samples.


Never really expect that this will be fast and will not be lost ... ehem.

Can't wait to try this.. kaya lang mali ata yng nasabi ko na foundation shade ๐Ÿ˜€


Money – I don’t have to buy small packs of everything. Sampler contains 1/4 tablespoon of each — blush, concealer, finishing powder, perfect blend foundation and another foundation.

Time – I don’t need to go to their stall

ALL done in the comfort of my schedule and location. :D. If I like these, I’m switching to Ellana for cosmetic products. Thanks Chiquedoodles for pointing me to their site.

You can request from Ellan though their online form.

Four Eyes :D

Wearing eye glass is not new to me. Started wearing one from around 8 years old upto 16 years old. I remember it’s heavy and irritating.– when I shifted course (from sociology to computer science), I had a hard time wearing one — because of the glare.

One night, I prayed to see clearly after that night I can stop wearing glasses. Sure did. I gave up my glasses at around 100+ each eye grade with astigmatism on my right eye.

I can see clearly after taking off my glasses.. (really)

BUT… recently because of lack of sleep, too much ehem. computer and too much eye strain it’s back. I’m just wondering why my eyes did not worsen but got better through the years – I have 75 eye grade for each eye and astigmatism on my right eye.

Today, from now on, I will eat vegetables – rich in vitamin A and will have enough eye rest.

Right now: I’m happy with my glasses — got this for only Php1600.00 at EO — will wear this often to work. Para matanggal ko na ‘to after 1 year. It’s multi coated – so far no glare and has UV protection (sabi nila).

Random thoughts before going home

Lately, I’m always online and caught with my old routines.

I’m finding something new to do ๐Ÿ˜€ for this season.

I’m writing this as ย finish uploading another website for beta test.

I realized the things I enjoy the most is not connected to being online. I look forward to grocery days and cooking.

By the way, before I go home I need to go to a optical shop..hay. I thought my eyeglass days are over but yup.. I need one (I don’t have patience with contact lens).