I’m dreaming of white sand and seafood

Monday’s a big day for us, EN2010 local delegate registration na sa Monday. I have my blue “Come Together T-shirt” and hopefully all needed login to watch our server :D. Yup, in real life I’m a nerd (or computer geek).

It’s a big day and I hope I win a big DQ ice cream 😉 — buy guessing a number in our report.

There’s one thing that I can’t take out of my “dreamy” mind, instead of thinking about Monday, I’m thinking much about Friday. Our Friday – Monday trip to Boracay that same week (March 5-8), we’re attending a wedding – Maya and Lesly’s so we opt to have our vacation on these dates as well. It’s a peak season but better enjoy the stay if we’re attending so we move our original November 2009 plan  going to Boracay to March 2010. Hay… me and my husband make a pack — we will take a vacation and go back refreshed.. hay sarap umupo sa tapat ng beach at magmunimuni.

Hay yay yay! 4 days to go! Andito na ko. Credit: photo by http://www.tripadvisor.com

I’m excited for later, Jerry will buy some swimwear and dress for me :D. Tapos na sya mag shop 2 days ago hehehe – his beach chick – men’s. I like shopping clothes with and for him. This is our first planned vacation and another memory to treasure.

We’re taking a plane – Cebu Pacific

Staying at – Milflores de Boracay base on reviews from TripodAdvisor. 😀


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