Simple things in life that makes me smile

at church

attend church at Victory Pioneer

Yesterday’s my birthday and my day started early :D. Yup! I’m born at heart’s day February 14th. I’m prematurely born and my mom endure long hours of labor and an operation. I stayed one week inside an incubator (according to them).

Feb 14 start early, I woke up 7AM to cook breakfast for my hubby by 8:30AM, I’m on my out to church. I meet up with my parents(Ruben and Linda) because we’re going to church together. We we’re inspired by Ptr. Robert’s message, he preached with truth mix with humor, message goes straigh to your heart. After the service we ate lunch and have good old kwentuhan.I’m glad their my parents — different but together and happy for almost 27th years.

After this, I went to Market Market to do grocery and pay bills. It’s my first to do grocery on my own — yup! Just now! My husband’s always with me but it’s Sunday today so I opt to do it on my own (Weekend’s is Jerry’s working day).

Nanay and Tatay with Jerry (with sticker tag)

Nanay and Tatay with me

Dinner time! A time with my hubby, just had chicken and spaghetti plus a good amount of pistachio + cashew ice cream.

In 10 minutes ubos ang food

In 15 minutes or less ubos ang food (sa tinging ko). Irish and Danny coming...

Yummy food @ Mann Hann!

Yummy food @ Mann Hann!

Today – Feb 15th, my officemate’s treat me to a hearty lunch at Mann Hann. I had DQ mud pie ice cream for dessert. Simple things in life will make you happy like spending time with your family and friends. A happy birthday to me. Thank you everyone! 😀


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