Blue, orange, red and black

Blue, orange, red and black  – colors of the sky depending on what time of the day it is.

I like looking at the sky it gives a sense of calmness and broaden my horizon. It makes me feel small in a good way, I don’t have to carry the whole world on my shoulders.

During college days I like it when the day hits 4PM, the sky’s blue and clear. I sit down on the field and rest. Today, I like when I go out or look at the window and see a clear sky.

Some photos of  clouds/sky using PL55:

Open parking lot - Jerry waiting for a cab

Inspired by Sarah’s picture

View from my office 4th floor Lobby -- ahh 😀

Today, I’m going out and the sky’s dark but I think this time it’s worth it. A tap on my keyboard, glance at the monitor or decission’s clarified and made does change lives in this field of work. Tomorrow, I hope to see the sunset again.


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