Some spare to share: Kris Allen @ McKinley Hill

Inside "Plaza" where we find good old KFC for a snack

Jerry and I watch Kris Allen last February 6 for FREE!!! Let me repeat that for FREE!!! It’s my first time to go inside McKinley Hill kahit lagi ko ‘tong nadadaanan via C5 or papuntang Bayani Road.

I saw plurk from a really nice guy – Ganns, his giving away free tickets. I think a good friend of his gave him some tickets and it happens that he has some spare to SHARE (sounds nice). I hurriedly answer it and yup! got some tickets.

It’s been a while since I watch a concert… :D. College pa ata ako nun.

My poor VGA picture hehehehe

It’s a GA (General Admission) ticket but the venue’s not bad and the sound system’s good. We went to McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio – Taguig earlier than 8:00PM to eat dinner and hopefully go inside the concert venue (it’s an open air venue). The venue remind us of college open field concerts at UPLB.

We saw some friends when we got there — waiting/excited to watch Kris Allen too.

Boyce Avenue and Jabbawockeez perform before Kris. Lead singer of Boyce Avenue looks like Shia LaBeouf (Sam sa Transformer) — thanks to Mark for sharing that insight. Jerry and I agree :D.

Jerry naman 😀

I like Jabbawockeez – galing nila, I believe they can dance anything. One of the songs they dance to is “Kiss the Girl” by Sebastian (from Ariel). Yup! Disney’s Ariel.

Boyce Avenue – their ok but I don’t think I’ll buy their album :P. Pero madaming kinikilig sa kanila.

After some Channel V: VJ’s spiel, freebies and games, finaly Kris Allen went out.

Magaling sya, there’s a hint of country to his style. He was able to engage the crowd more — unlike the first band. Two things I like about Kris Allen. 1. He thank everyone for coming out to watch him — constantly not just once. 2. His not greeting girls by kissing them, he shake their hands instead or give them hug when they ask.

He sang several songs di ka nabitin, he played the guitar and keyboards. Sabi ni Jerry magaling yung banda nya… actually magaling yung boses ng back up nya 😀

Jerry and Vanj at KFC

@KFC while waiting - medyo matagal

Last Sunday, I was able to chat and thank Ganns for the concert tickets (here’s his post concert thoughts ). I admire his goal and faith to believe for more (free tickets :D).

It’s a good break for last week. We enjoyed it.


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