My Unexpected Coffee Shop Date (plus more tales)

Today’s a busy day – like a bee.

I woke up by 7AM:

Morning rituals — 10 mins work out, take a bath, wake up my hubby (na ang gwapo gwapo), eat breakfast, change to working clothes and go!

Work: 10AM – 8pm (just today, I’m usually off by 6PM)

Work —  work, lunch, work…

Go home :8PM

Grocery- buy rice

I’m so tired and decided to wait for my husband at the nearby coffee shop.

Starbucks – buy coffee and sandwich and wait for my hubby. (woot! — I have a free cofee :D). We had a light snack coffee for me and strawberry shake for him (free — I gave Jerry my free drink).

coffee with cofee stain over "delly"

Be careful! coffee mug with cofee stain over "delly" 😛

My husband -- after his snack. Ok ba yung food? :))

Timely and relaxing coffee -- with someone you dearly love. mwa!

Something new today? I(We)  had a free drink from Starbucks and 2 stranger ask me where I work. So.. I’m wondering if it’s bacause of the “on the go” mineral makeup.

To end this day: Thank you Starbucks (Market! Maket!) for a free drink (I answer their survey — **hint be friendly to the barrista or casually chat with them when their trying to make a conversation). I thank God for this day.


2 thoughts on “My Unexpected Coffee Shop Date (plus more tales)

  1. this is great.. keep writing.. and you two are the best… sweetness.. thinking now of ordering hot white chocolate mocha.. my fav…

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