Minerals on the Go!!!

Recently, I subscribe for an Ellana Mineral cosmetic sample. Actually my request dated last May 2009 😀 – I forgot to pay a minimal fee for shipping Php 50.00.

My friend/colleague(naks!) Ana and I chat about putting make-up etc. and then!(*thing) — I remember my request. I scan through my reliable Gmail and found my request. I emailed back to Coney (the person who respond to my request) asking if my subscription’s still active. Their nice enough to say yes.  After paying minimal fee (cheap! mahal pa ang starbucks coffee or isang chicken joy :D) and waiting for 3 days – bank deposit, delivery.. here’s the Ellana mineral samples.


Never really expect that this will be fast and will not be lost ... ehem.

Can't wait to try this.. kaya lang mali ata yng nasabi ko na foundation shade 😀


Money – I don’t have to buy small packs of everything. Sampler contains 1/4 tablespoon of each — blush, concealer, finishing powder, perfect blend foundation and another foundation.

Time – I don’t need to go to their stall

ALL done in the comfort of my schedule and location. :D. If I like these, I’m switching to Ellana for cosmetic products. Thanks Chiquedoodles for pointing me to their site.

You can request from Ellan though their online form.


4 thoughts on “Minerals on the Go!!!

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  2. hi ate! i remembered i also bought ellana.and until now i haven’t used them.buti napa alala mo.haha! my mom swears by their concealer. as in! she never leaves home without it. =)

    • I like their foundation, foundation + concealer and concealer. It last for a long time and parang wala kang makeup, blends well with your skin too. 😀

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