Four Eyes :D

Wearing eye glass is not new to me. Started wearing one from around 8 years old upto 16 years old. I remember it’s heavy and irritating.– when I shifted course (from sociology to computer science), I had a hard time wearing one — because of the glare.

One night, I prayed to see clearly after that night I can stop wearing glasses. Sure did. I gave up my glasses at around 100+ each eye grade with astigmatism on my right eye.

I can see clearly after taking off my glasses.. (really)

BUT… recently because of lack of sleep, too much ehem. computer and too much eye strain it’s back. I’m just wondering why my eyes did not worsen but got better through the years – I have 75 eye grade for each eye and astigmatism on my right eye.

Today, from now on, I will eat vegetables – rich in vitamin A and will have enough eye rest.

Right now: I’m happy with my glasses — got this for only Php1600.00 at EO — will wear this often to work. Para matanggal ko na ‘to after 1 year. It’s multi coated – so far no glare and has UV protection (sabi nila).


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